A Review of Hay Day Game

Image Hay Day is a farm simulation game by SuperCell. It bears similarity to other farm games like FarmVille, but it has amazing graphics, smooth gestural controls and a more cartoon style. The game is compatible with most iPhone smartphones and the iPad, but requires iOS 4.3 or later. Its App can be downloaded for free but game currency can be purchased for as little as two dollars.   The Fortnite game starts with a tutorial, with a scarecrow teaching the player how the touch screen controls are operated. Once the player clicks and drags field plots from a shop menu, he or she can then plant corn or wheat. Each crop takes a specified amount of time to grow, with the crops appearing later in the game taking the longest time to grow. For instance, wheat grows in only two minutes before harvest while larger crops like pumpkins take three hours.   As the gamer performs more tasks, he or she gets coins and their level increases. As they level up, they can get more cool tasks to do, so it is a good idea to keep going with tasks. Leveling up results in the availability of more field plots, leading to more crop yields. Every action performed by the player gives him or her stars, such as cutting down trees for expansion space, selling items to customers wandering in, or baking bread inside the on-site oven. Basically, these are XP, and every time the gamer levels-up, they get new buildings, products and crops to play with.  The Hay Day utilizes diamonds and coins as game currency. A player earns coins by completing the most number of tasks, but only gets to earn diamonds for leveling up or doing certain rare things. Gamers quickly get to learn that diamonds are valuable. They should not be wasted early on or one will regret it and be tempted to purchase more.   The game’s biggest strength lies in its graphics. Rich, beautifully detailed with zoom, landscapes and pan, its presentation is quite cinematic for a mobile game. Additionally, the controls are nonintrusive, smooth and utilize the iPhone’s touch screen rather well. For instance, the player can just run his or her finger across the field in order to collect grown crops.   All in all, Fortnite V Bucks Hack is a really funny and addictive game for all those who love simulation games. For all farm lovers who don’t get a chance to be real farmers, this is the perfect game for them.